I am an art teacher, husband, and father of two wonderful children. I’ve been a middle school art teacher for 25 years. The last 21 of those years have been at Algonquin Middle School in Des Plaines.


I am an artist. I draw and paint every day.  I make sculptures with stone.   I also paint on rocks for rock gardens.  Teaching in public school and raising children are integral with drawing, painting, and sculpture. For me, making art is as natural and necessary in my life as breathing. I have cultivated a gratitude for my general existence, and I enjoy celebrating that gratitude through art.  My work is autobiographical, eclectic, and genuine. The pictures reflect my life, sense of humor, and my philosophy that process is content.


Most recently, I had a collaborative show at the Lincolnwood Village Hall.  Over 100 small paintings were sent back and forth to my close friend in Japan. We literally painted on each other’s work across the world, and in doing so, relinquished control of the final product. We collaborated like this 25 years ago as undergraduate roommates at the University of Illinois. The show was called “AgerAnter” combining Kanter the last name of my lifelong friend, Steve Sager.


For the past five summers, I have been an art specialist at Camp Chi in Wisconsin.  I lead an art intensive where I demonstrate how to create and stage a mural, and then the students paint it as they choose.  I also conduct drawing classes outdoors with campers ages 10-15. The summers have been wonderful experiences, and I will be heading up there again this year.


I am a member of the Wilmette Artist Guild.  My piece was an honorable mention in 2016, which will allow me to showcase my work at the library in 2017. My work is on display at the Upstairs Cafe at the Central Street Metra Station. I have had the good fortune of showing with some wonderful local artists.  I have work up locally as well.  I painted a small mural at the Rock House in Wilmette, another in their kiosk at the Wilmette Metra Station, and a one in the new space in Glenview. I created the 10th anniversary poster for the Alchemy Coffee House.  I created advertising artwork for Northfield's Make'n Music. I have several pieces up at Larry’s Barber Shop. I was also grateful to be able to show a variety of my work at The Bottle Shop through August 2015.

I have been commissioned by the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University's Advanced Management Program.  I painted a watercolor depicting the symbiotic dialogue between management professionals and symphony conductors.  Those attending the course received a seriograph and the original is displayed at the School.  I also painted portraits of individual homes by commission as well.